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Within your practice, psychological assessments can be integral in providing support for your client's position. Dr. Jawed is well versed in psychological assessments taking into account the referral reason and contextual factors. Assessments in the following areas can benefit your clients. Please contact Dr. Jawed for inquiry on assessments that may not be listed below.

  • Assessments for trauma and PTSD required in claims related to mental health disability (motor vehicle accidents, sexual or other types of assault, military or occupational stress trauma, workplace trauma, and other traumas).
  • Fitness to work assessments, required in claims related to employment disability.
  • Assessments related to compulsive behaviors which can be utilized in disability claims.
  • Capacity assessments, required for guardianship and trusteeship decisions.
  • Cognitive assessments for AISH/PDD, required in adjudicating disability benefits.
  • Immigration assessments related to mental health claims, useful as collateral information for such claims.
  • Assessments for mental health disability claims in other areas.

In order to send a referral, please complete the following referral form or contact Dr. Jawed through e-mail, by phone, or through the contact page.

Please note: Any client information can only be provided to you as long as the client consents to this release.

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