Psychological Assessment


Psychological services are most often viewed specifically as therapy or counselling; however, psychological services also include psychological assessments.  Depending on the context, psychological assessments can serve in tandem with counselling in the accurate identification and resolution of a problem.  Although psychological assessments are not a necessary prerequisite for counselling, they can be useful for several purposes.  Dr. Jawed provides psychological assessments in the following areas:

  • Psycho-educational assessments for children and adults (LD, ADHD)

Psycho-educational assessments can determine if learning disabilities or issues such as ADHD are interfering with a child's academic achievement or contributing toward behavioral problems. If concerns about a child are repetitive, consistent across various teachers, and if a child is academically lagging behind other peers, a psycho-educational assessment can be useful. Psycho-educational assessments highlight a child’s areas of need, while also accounting for areas of strength.  Parents can provide such assessments to the school in order to investigate the possibility of accommodations or specialized assistance. Having an assessment prior to the academic year gives parents a head start to speak with the school regarding their child’s needs. This also involves no time lost from school as the assessment takes place over the holidays. What does the assessment involve? 1. An initial interview with both parents. 2. psycho-educational testing of the child. 3. A report debrief to parents.

  • Psycho-educational assessments for Gifted placement in schools

Gifted programs require a specialized assessment for placement.  Such assessments may require intellectual functioning as well as academic achievement.  Please ensure that you have information about the required criteria that the school will utilize in determining Gifted placements.  Assessments for Westmount Charter school admissions, the GATE program, and Webber Academy are among the services provided.

  • Determining psychological diagnoses and treatment options

Identification of a mental health diagnosis can sometimes be complex. A psychological diagnosis can have an impact on the treatment methods utilized.  Therefore, a psychological assessment can be integral in treatment.  Psychological assessments often incorporate a clinical interview assessing contextual factors and the administration of psychological testing.  Depending on the reason for referral for an assessment, psychological assessments can answer questions in the following areas: relevant diagnoses, treatment options, whether medication may be an appropriate course for consideration, whether treatment interventions have been successful, whether further areas need intervention.  Psychological assessments can also answer many other questions. Please contact Dr. Jawed to inquire further.

  • Cognitive assessments for AISH/PDD

In order to be eligible for AISH/PDD benefits, psycho-educational assessments for cognitive or psychological functioning may be required.  Such assessments focus on intellectual needs and strengths or mental health functioning.

  • Immigration assessments related to mental health claims

Immigration applications based on mental health claims often require collateral and independent judgments of mental health or psychological functioning. Such assessments focus on clinical diagnoses such as PTSD, Major Depression, or other relevant areas. Such assessments are highly detailed and incorporate psychological measures for psychological and personality functioning.

  • Fitness to work assessments

Fitness to work assessments can identify whether an individual is psychologically fit to be at work.  Such assessments can make recommendations for employers, treating professionals, and attorneys. Such assessments can also be useful in adjudicating cases of worker's compensation claims.

  • Capacity assessments

Guardianship and Trusteeship decisions require a psychological evaluation of capacity to make personal or financial decisions.  Such evaluations assess the capacity of an individual to make decisions on an independent basis and make recommendations to the courts in these areas.

Psychological assessments are useful for several purposes.  In most cases, identifying a problem is the first step toward resolution.  In other cases, psychological assessments are useful as collateral information for other treating professionals, within the school system, or in a legal context. Regardless of the reason, Dr. Jawed's focus in psychological  assessments is premised on a strength and needs based approach.  Please contact Dr. Jawed for further information on psychological assessments.

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